How we roll

We move fast and utilize user-centered design techniques to build beautiful, simple products people fall in love with.

Our Process

Instead of lengthy meetings, we prefer to ship product, gather feedback, and iterate. At the end of each development sprint you have a gorgeous, functional product. We keep a lean, laid-back attitude and introduce just enough agile process to keep projects flowing smoothly.

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Meet 'n Greet.

We start off by getting a sense of what you are looking to accomplish, what we can do for you, and your background. You'll get to know us a bit and we'll both decide if we have some chemistry. We only take on projects we can get behind and that we would want ourselves. This ensures we are all working towards the same goals and everyone is emotionally invested in the product's success.

Design It.

If you don't already have a design direction or it needs a bit of a tune up we'll go through a design sprint. This doubles as a discovery phase and gets everyone on the same page as to what we are building, who the customer is, and how you are making their life better. That's ultimately what it's about, delighting your customers.

Work It.

Once we have a design direction and a good idea who your target market is we put together a roadmap with discrete milestones and start product development. Each milestone typically lasts a week or two and at the end of each milestone you have a gorgeous, functional product. This ensures that you always have something useful and keeps everyone focused on what the next goal is.

Ship It.

One of the keys to our successful process is keeping milestones lean and delivering top quality, functional products at the end of each one. We automate a lot of our processes so that delivering beta and production releases are not a big deal. This allows us to get rapid feedback from you and you to get your product in front of customers faster.

Gather Feedback.

We work with you to set the vision for your product and execute on that vision but your customers dictate whether they'll buy into it and use your product. The only way to know if they will, is to get constant feedback from them and continue to improve until they can't live without it. After each milestone feedback from you and your customers is fed right back in to the next product milestone.

Rinse and Repeat.

Let's build and grow your product together.