Hey There!

We're a small team of full stack developers that have worked for Fortune 500's, small startups, and everything in between. We take pride in our work and are obsessed with making products that wow people.

The Leadership Team

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much."

- Helen Keller

Eric Kryski

Eric Kryski

CEO & Managing Partner

Eric is a full stack developer and designer. He started his own construction company at the age of 18 and operated it for 7 years while earning his degree in computer science. After transitioning to software he has worked for many startups and is well versed in many different technology stacks. When not working he spends time riding his bike and enjoying time with his young family.

Cory Smith

Cory Smith

COO & Managing Partner

Cory is a true generalist. He has close to a decade of development experience and a solid design aesthetic. Cory has co-founded 2 startups (1 exited and 1 failed), worked with countless others and even spent some time with "big corporate". When not coding you can find Cory carving up the slopes, rapping, and going on adventures with his wife.

Cory Smith
David Lücke

David Lücke

CTO & Managing Partner

Hailing from ze Fatherland, Dave is a wicked sharp developer that executes with the kind of precision only a German could. He has worked with companies ranging from small startups to fortune 500s, including the world's largest retailer and the world's most valuable tech company. Dave is a JavaScript guru, regularly giving tech talks all over the world and has a keen interest in artificial intelligence, rock climbing, and industrial music.

Our Manifesto

Ship early, ship often.

We are well versed with Lean Startup thinking and believe it's better to ship your product frequently and get constant feedback instead of long release cycles. When you streamline deployment, iterating and making minor course corrections based on this feedback is painless. This allows you to push your product forward faster. We approach all of our work this way. Whether it be internal releases to clients, public releases, or our own products.

Users Come First.

When you build a product you get to set the vision but your customers determine whether it will succeed. That's why we focus on getting rapid feedback, analyzing that feedback, and applying user centered design processes.

Quality matters.

Sometimes trade-offs need to be made. We get it. It's better to ship than not. However, we don't deliver anything that is just mediocre. We take a lot of pride in our work and with our tooling and experience we've found ways to get things out the door quickly while still maintaining a high level of quality.

Less is more.

One of the keys to maintaining quality is scoping work accordingly. With everything from our design aesthetic, to our code, to project management, we believe that keeping things simple and rapidly iterating is the key to success.

Automate everything.

We are border-line obsessive about automation. We are constantly looking for ways to streamline workflows and processes. This is another key reason we are able to consistently deliver high quality products.

Let's build and grow your product together.